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Well I am not one that will ever have salt and pepper hair (I know already I’ll go bald first) but I would say I’m a seasoned traveller… a drink here and some funny herbs there and hey presto this ham has been cured!

All of this leads me to believe in the old saying that when one packs take away half of what you think you will need then take away half again… then double the money you expect you will need and extend your lines of credit until your family is thinking of disowning you.
Well being prepared for this trip I was aware that I had a sizable tax return due before I left for my trip… and I wanted to access this to spend (never save… that’s for misers or those that expect there to be a tomorrow).

Well after chatting with my tax agent I had confirmed that this was due the week I was to fly out. And sure enough my tax agent who lives two doors down from me received this the day before I flew out … but rather than drop it round like he has all my other paperwork he posted it! (What could have been deposited in my bank for immediate spending was now stuck in the great industrial machine… “Australia Post” and sure enough if you call into your local Post office (As I did) you find out that you can’t pick up your mail there. All mail is sorted at a big sorting centre and then buddled for delivery (Not a chance of getting it before I flew out).

Here in lay my double dilemma:
1. The day before I was to fly out I’d had my atm card eaten by a bank teller machine (hence no access to my pay check)
2. My tax return was stuck in transit!

Calm down! “Bar StudS!”

OK, ok the bank opened at 9.30am (the same time I wanted to be at the airport to check in… tough!) You need cash to travel… So patiently I rattled the bank door and stared at the frightened Bank manager… true to form at 9.30 the branch doors were opened and remarkably they let me have my key card and the contents of my savings… (Cash to travel on, Check)

Secondly… how do you access a cheque that will arrive when you're thousands of Kms away? Friends! Before I flew out I dropped my keys in a friends mail box and called her (Sheena you’re a gem!) *Yah* spending money!

I like camping gear, I especially love functional equipment and cloths… to say I went overboard is to say that there is some water in the worlds oceans.
I had all the things I would need for my travels, but being excited about a new trip I was out buying a new pack, new cloths, new fishing equipment… then after spending several hundred dollars and hearing the eco of friends and others saying “But you already own these things…” I stoped discussed things with friends. And reluctantly resolved to use what I already had (tent, sleeping bag ect) or to borrow the bits and pieces needed from friends (Cooking equipment and E-perb) thanks Caz and Anth!

All this said I found I had a change of cloths, a pack full of camping gear, and a secondary pack full of fishing equipment.
Hmmm I was on target with weight 17kg main pack and 5kg carry on…

It was just that I had so much stuff! (I always take to much gear 5 fly boxes with over 300 flys…) is a little excessive when you can rock up to a corner store in New Zealand and buy a fly for $2… add to that the fact that you can never have more than three in the water at any one time!

OK, so this sorted out I did the other well experienced practical thing before taking off on a new trip I packed in preparation… my bags were packed a week in advance (Just as well cause I didn’t come home or get a wisp of fresh air between packing for my trip and eventually tearing out of my house for the airport…)

The funny thoughts that go through your head as you climb into that taxi to the airport (have I turned the stove off? Is my washing in? Did I mop the floor?) Oh well it’s all too late when you only have an hour to catch a plane!

When in doubt board the plane and pray!

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I think I would have a heartattack and need a holiday after all that! :)

by JenniM

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